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Meet TUZ, one of Melbourne's most talented Producer/DJs who is making waves in the techno scene. Born Tua Telepe, TUZ has been producing iconic techno tracks since 2013 that are still played in nightclubs and bars across Australia to this day.

TUZ's passion for techno grew as he hit the DJing scene in 2019, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on dancefloors everywhere. Starting off in Cloud Nine's basement, he quickly moved on to support world-class UK DJ Ben Nicky at Melbourne's prestigious Levels Nightclub.

TUZ's unique sound is like no other, a heavy-hitting passion for techno that takes the audience on a journey through the depths of sound. His sets are characterized by a unique blend of dark and intense techno, blended with melodic undertones that keep audiences coming back for more.

TUZ has become a driving force in the Melbourne techno community, inspiring other artists to venture into the ever-growing world of techno. His vision is to influence a new style of techno in the scene, one that will shape the future of techno in Melbourne and beyond.

With a sound that is both powerful and captivating, TUZ is a true artist who is shaping the Melbourne techno community to become bigger and better than ever before. Keep an ear out for his signature techno beats - they're sure to be making waves on dancefloors for years to come.

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