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Introducing Rory Loder, a rising legend who discovered his passion for DJing in 2019. With a remarkable ability to curate multi-genre shows that cater to the crowd's desires, he sets himself apart as a true talent in the industry.

From captivating U18 audiences at a young age to commanding the stage at club shows with massive crowds of over 3,000 patrons, Rory Loder is poised to make a lasting impact with unforgettable performances.

When he's not busy crafting exceptional minimal and techno edits that showcase the finest sounds of Melbourne, Rory can be found thrilling audiences at renowned venues and events like Levels, Mango, and many more.

Blending the nostalgic essence of Old School Melbourne Minimal with the pulsating energy of techno, Rory's sets create an atmosphere of pure euphoria. Each moment is an immersive experience that leaves attendees craving more.

As a well-established DJ and producer, Rory Loder has solidified his position as an unmissable force in the music scene. Prepare to be mesmerized by his remarkable talent and let his extraordinary performances take you on a sonic journey like no other.

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