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Entering the Melbourne scene at just 18 years old, it’s inspiring to see how much Hummy has evolved into the artist he is today. With his jaw-dropping sets, Hummy has quickly become a fan favourite. If you’ve ever seen him play, you know the vibe; Hard hitting kicks, dirty basslines and live acapellas. Every set is guaranteed to be unique, leaving you coming back for more.

Inspired by the likes of local legends Orkestrated, Nathan Thomson, Eric Sidey & Shortround, Hummy has devoted time into strengthening his knowledge in electronic music and perfecting his skills on the decks, allowing him to create his own unique sound.

Hummy’s Soundcloud page stands as a testament to his influence and talent within the music industry. With over 2 Million plays across his page and his viral #1 hit song, (MizorMac Bites The Dust Edit) It is no surprise to see Hummy’s tracks being added to everyone’s playlist.

With talent like this, Hummy is without a doubt the most exciting upcoming artist to look forward to.

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