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At the ripe age of 21, this up and coming young gun from Melbourne's East has been consistently growing in demand across the scene. Since the standstills of 2020, his pumping sets and love for music has seen him gracing the decks at a multitude of events and venues all over Melbourne. Cristian's passion for music extends from a young age. 


His call to DJing has come from exposing himself to a variety of instruments and sounds throughout life, with deep roots in the underground minimal scene that has dominated the iconic dancefloors of Melbourne over the past decade. Cristian has recently grown a strong passion for all things House and Techno, where his sets are heavily influenced by both the international and local Tech and House worlds.


 His obsession for music has finally led him down the path of experimenting with producing his own unique sounds. His productions are not only inspired by his Melbourne origins, but are aimed towards the more progressive styles of the House and Techno industries.  With his sights set for the mainstage, we can safely say this is only the beginning for Cristian. 


He is constantly grinding away in the studio by continually growing his crafts as a producer, and fine tuning his selection of soul-hitting tracks. With event-shaking tunes that compliment his absolutely irresistible looks, you can sleep well knowing that Cristian will not only provide you with the tunes you love, but will leave you satisfied with the tunes you didn't yet know you loved.

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